The Typewriter Hack Part 1 – Recon w/ @maythegoat

Smooth Jazz plays, the clickedy clack of an old typewriter is heard a shadowy black and white figure sits at a desk as their cigar puffs gentle rise and caress the ceiling. 
“It was Easter” the page reads. “I can’t say this was an easy find but after the months of searching we cracked the case. We found the device.”

Alright enough of that crap….
So @maythegoat and I went to a charity shop and found an old Japanese brand Nakajima AX-150 electronic typewriter. Of course the only sensible option next was to hack about with it.

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RollR Coming Soon to Open Source

If you don’t know Rollis the web app prototype I have been working on for several months now. The goal of this was for a university assignment however the site is now live and you can visit it here.

Feel free to play with the site but DO NOT BREAK IT, and if you do, please please let me know via twitter.

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